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ALPHA BIKE - Storm SL 29 Boss Edition

ALPHA BIKE is a French brand (Grenoble) offering since 2012 assemblies on demand (#dreambuild) or small series bikes. . The latest build from French firm, the Storm SL 29 Boss Edition, defies the laws of gravity with a weight below 9kg! Could this be the lightest cross country bike in the world?

Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts riders, the objective is to offer efficient and reliable machines with very high-end ultralight components! They are real #weightweenies !

Light and efficient!

“8.95 kilos of pure technology make this model one of the lightest and most efficient full-suspension mountain bikes in the world.”

In order to achieve this result, ALPHA BIKE has selected unique components.


High modulus carbon fibers have been used to manufacture this frame, which weighs 1890g. Superb in its black dress lit by areas with oil slick finish.


Top of the range also for transmitting power to the ground with the Sram XX1 AXS groupset. The only singularity is an Absolute black oval chainring for rounder pedalling. Classoc 12-speed cassette in 10-52.

Ride like a Boss!

“A real Dream Bike that will make you the BOSS of Cross Country!”


Tune stem and handlebar set with a Tune Turnstange Flatbar announced at only 125g. Formula takes care of stopping the beast with their Cura X carbon world. For constant and flawless braking, aviation hoses have been installed. Very neatt rendering of the whole, also thanks to the AXS wireless control, we nevertheless regret the absence of lockout remote of the suspensions on the handlebar.


At the front, we find the classic Rockshox Sid SL Ultimate with 100mm of travel (1275g). At the rear we find the Rockshox SidLuxe SL ultimate shock absorber. Note the absence of control on the handlebar for locking the shock absorber, which can be hard maneuvering. Like the old version of the Scott Spark, a proven geometry: 4-bar linkage.


Home assembly for the wheelset with these ALPHA Lite Series. This edition is the lightest pair released by ALPHA BIKE to date: 1250g in 32mm width and 29 inches. Fitted with Pirelli XC RC Lite 2.2", this assembly remains in the current standards for a cross country bike

Rockshox sid select

Verdict on scale ? 8,95 kg for complete MTB!

This assembly is offered at the price of 6999€ but other slightly less exclusive versions are available at the price of 4799€ and 5999€ for respective weights of 9.9 and 9.15kg. It's up to you to see if the price difference is worth that shave... The only regret is the absence of a telescopic seat post, essential for performing on the increasingly technical World Cup circuits. While waiting for their next assembly, we can only salute the work accomplished for a "fairly affordable" bike, regarding this top-of-the-range cross country. Selling without intermediary has this advantage. For Frenchies, they have a shop in Grenoble, for the others check out their ALPHA BIKE website. Time to show us your dream build?

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