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New Scott Spark RC HMX, latest creation by Gustav Gullholm, Norwegian better known under the pseudonym Dangerholm. Presented at Eurobike, the ultra-light cross country weighs less than 10kg !

Scott Spark RC HMX Dangerholm

During the last 20 years, mountain biking has undergone major transformations with innovations allowing the evolution of the practice. Like the progressive increase in the diameter of the wheels from 26 to 29 inches but also the width of the tires from less than 2 to 2.4 inches, which has become the standard for competition. Frames have also become overweight, with ever more committed practices, that require thicker frames for aluminum or more plies for carbon. In order to push the limits of the possible, Dangerholm has built a bike that he wants to be both extralight but also efficient and functional.

Light and efficient!

“My goal with this build: snappy and responsive uphill, fast and fun downhill. In short: the best of both worlds.”

To achieve this technical feat, Dangerholm used a mix of high-ends components.


Scott Spark RC HMX ultra light

Surprisingly, the gram hunter Dangerholm did not choose the lightest version of the SCOTT (HMX SL) which is reputed to be 8.5% lighter than the current version. Nevertheless, the Norwegian chose to completely remove the paint using his trusty knife to shave few grams. The frame weighs 1956g in size L including the shock.


In order to transmit the power to the ground, a mix of brands was chosen. Garbaruk and Rotor are in charge of the gear reduction with a 40-tooth Garbaruk prototype crankset and a Rotor 12-speed 11-46-tooth cassette.

The gear change is ensured by a derailleur and chain XX1.

The derailleur has been slimmed down with Hopp Components carbon components, a Kogel Kolossus OSPW cage CNC machined from a block of aluminum.

Pleasure bike!

“It's a bike that puts a smile on my face when I pull it out of the garage, and I can't wait to ride many miles on this rocket.”


Trickstuff Piccola Carbon

Homemade components for the handlebar, with its integrated stem, with the Synchros Fraser iC SL in 730mm width. Grips from the brand Extralite model Hypergrips announced at only 18.8g! Dangerholm kept the twinloc control for suspension lockout and droppet seatpost control. Trickstuff takes care of stopping the beast with their Piccola Carbon world announced to be the lightest in the world.

Intend Samurai XC


At the front, we find the magnificent Intend Samurai XC inverted fork with 120mm of travel (1495g). The CC version of this fork, with its carbon fiber pivot, would save 110g but that is not the choice made here. With its 35mm tubes, it uses the Rockshox charger RaceDay cartridge. At the rear we find the Rockshox Nude 3 shock absorber integrated into the frame (BOLD Design) which also allows to have 120mm of travel at the rear.


Barely over a kilo for the set (1039g), this assembly is exclusive! Extralite hyperboost hubs, Radsporttechnik MXCR rims and ultra light Sapim CX spokes, hand sanded by Dangerholm himself. Mounted with Pirelli XC RC Lite 2.4", this assembly remains in the current standards.

Verdict on the scale? 9.19 kg for the complete bike!

Note that with a slightly different choice, especially with the fork in the CC version and the frame in the SL version, it would be possible to shave few more grams and pass through the 9kg bar (#weightweenies)! But the goal is also to have a fun bike that you enjoy riding. These two modifications would certainly make this mountain bike much more demanding and less fun... While waiting for the next dream build made by #Dangerholm, we can only salute the work done. With its unique look, it makes its parent smile and that is the whole objective of this work : to have a jewel that makes you want to get out and go riding!

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